Welcome to PasTeX

An online, easy to use pasteboard for sharing \(\LaTeX\).

To access \(\LaTeX\) someone else has shared, you'll need either the link (which you can visit directly) or the PasTeX id, which you can put into the input box below.


To share \(\LaTeX\), simply put your math below (using \[\] or $$ tags for display mode and \(\) or $ for inline mode). Then, press Share to get a unique link. For example, \(\sum_{x\in\mathbb{N}} a_n\) produces \(\sum_{x\in\mathbb{N}} a_n\).

For more information about what \(\LaTeX\) is supported, check out \(\KaTeX\).

PasTeX was built by Cole Graber-Mitchell in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to better communicate math with classmates. The source code is freely available and MIT-licensed.